These Water Tricks Are Absolutely Amazing

There are many substances on earth but perhaps the most amazing is water. Although water may seem ordinary to many of us, it is actually quite extraordinary when you stop to think about its properties. It is composed of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen and the water in the world around us keeps things alive and even helps to regulate the temperature of the earth.

As humans, we are primarily water, and 75% of our human brain is made up of the substance. In a living tree, the proportion is the same! Something else that you may find interesting about water is that there is the same amount of water on earth now as there was when the earth was first formed. It exists in three different states, gaseous, liquid and solid and without it, none of us would have an opportunity to be alive more than just a few days.


Water is not only used to keep us alive, it can also be used to do some pretty neat tricks as well. In this video, you will see 8 different water tricks that are so stunning, you will hardly be able to wait to try them and amaze your friends with them.