Szondi Test: What Are Your Deepest Repressed Emotions?

Emotions are something that all of us experience and for some of us, we may even wear our heart out on our sleeve. It seems as if all of us have these emotions and we may feel as if we are very familiar with them, but would it surprise you to know that some of your emotions may be repressed? Until you understand what is truly going on in your mind, you can’t understand yourself.

The following test was developed in 1935, and has had a serious following ever since. It is known as the Szondi Test, originally designed by a Hungarian psychologist. The goal of the test was similar to other tests, and that was to discover the impulses that a person may have based on the sympathy that they display. The main difference between this test and others is the fact that it was nonverbal. You simply chose the proper selection according to the photographs you saw.


Although the test is simplistic in nature, you would be surprised with what it is able to determine about you. Take a look at the photographs through this test and read the interpretation that goes along with it. By answering the questions, it will teach you something about yourself that you didn’t know.